70's Retro Motion Lava Lamp - Relaxing Rocket Modern Mood Night Light

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Whether you're looking for a great mood light for the Retro Party you planned or something to just help you relax, this Classic 70's Motion Blue Lava Lamp is a great addition. 
  • Some consider it Modern and Simplistic while others consider it Retro… but all consider it fascinating.  You'll find yourself starring at it for hours on end. 
  • With a super sleek design, this Rocket Style 70's Motion Modern Lava Lamp will look great in any setting.   
  • Great as a relaxing Lava Lamp Night Light with a hypnotic effect. 
  • Stands 14.5" tall with a classic silver base. 
  • Complete with an on/off switch attached to the cord for easy access
Create that alluring party or relaxing atmosphere today that you'll enjoy for years and never grow tired of.

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